First Arriving is led by lifelong media, marketing and technology veterans focused on public safety, local government, non-profits & businesses — backed by a growing team driven to create dynamic solutions for our clients and partners.

First Arriving co-founders Dave Iannone and Chris Hebert created the original, and expanded law enforcement portal in the “dot com” days. Our leadership team and strategic partners have pioneered across all facets of technology and marketing in public safety, local government and over a dozen other niche markets.

We’ve spent our lives creating innovative content and marketing platforms, online communities and events that have made a lasting, positive impact on the markets we serve.

Our team includes some amazing development, content, design, technology and marketing professionals who all share a passion to create incredible solutions that our clients and partners love – and more importantly help them achieve and exceed their objectives.

We are not just a service company – we are a long term partner in the success of your agency, department, organization or company.


Dave Iannone

Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Gilliland

Vice President, Web Services

Christopher Hebert

Vice President, Recruitment & Retention Services

Tiger Schmittendorf


Dave Iannone

Since the age of 12, Dave has been in love with the fire service. He’s spent the last 32+ years at the Hyattsville (MD) VFD where he, Chris and others first worked together on the original and Dave has been able to combine is passion for public safety, content, marketing and technology to serve first responders at First Arriving.

Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Gilliland

Shannon is responsible for planning and implementing new business initiatives across First Arriving’s suite of technology, marketing solutions, and strategic services. Prior to joining First Arriving, Shannon served as the Director of Business Development for the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) where she led sales and the client-relationship management team. Shannon brings over 15 years of experience with developing strategic partnerships, sales & marketing, revenue growth, project management, and client success transformation.

Vice President, Web Services

Christopher Hebert

Chris is from Upstate (the New York one) where he started his fire service career as a teen but made his home in Maryland where he met Dave, they started and the rest is history. Chris is not only a creator of many things Web, he’s also a Firefighter/Technician with the Washington, D.C. Fire/EMS Department and Life Member of the Hyattsville (MD) VFD. He leads the way with our bloggers, content creation, WordPress and lots of other fancy technical things.

Vice President, Recruitment & Retention Services

Tiger Schmittendorf

Schmittendorf brings 20 years of experience in engineering, sales and marketing management to marketing the product he loves: the fire service and public safety. He specializes in recruitment and retention, marketing, training and leadership consulting for agencies and departments around the country.


Alex Ford

Strategic Advisor
Steve Ressler

Steve Ressler

Local Government Advisor


Nicole Newville

Marketing Director

Emily Joynes

Marketing Director

Stephanie Harvey

Director, Strategic Marketing

Amy Lipsius

Project Manager, Marketing

Bill Carey

Content Marketing Manager

Erin Ward

Marketing Specialist

Heather Caspi

Content Marketing Editor

Lori Jenkins

Graphic Designer


Brian Royston

Chief Financial Officer
Meghan Rigaud - Client Success Manager

Meghan Rigaud

Client Success Director

Katie Norman

Client Success Manager

Tracy Blankenship

Business Development

Lyn Pelletier

Sales Manager

Jeff Simpson

Business Development

Maria Evola

Business Manager

Lauren Kannry

Public Relations Manager


Matt Rhodes

Chief Technology Officer

Ross Hopkins

Senior Director, Dashboards

Adam Privette

Senior Developer

Lydia Francis

Developer, Dashboards

Matt Warner

Senior Webmaster

Priyal Patel

Implementation Developer

Steve Choi


Evan Charles

Client Support

Erick Sandoval


Alberto Miranda

Frontend Engineer / Developer

Diego Gomez Copete

UI/UX Designer

Cristian Herrera

Techncial Project Manager / Scrum Master


Walter Campbell

Recruitment & Retention Strategist

Kristina Greene

Project Manager, Recruitment

Christina Lee


Matt Aalto

Recruitment & Retention Specialist


Shawna Ernst

Law Enforcement & Local Government SME

Matthew Cobb

Law Enforcement Recruitment Specialist

Pat O’Hagan

Law Enforcement Strategist


Dave Statter

Director, Video Services

Matthew Troy

Video & Multimedia Producer

Kailee Kelter

Senior Video Producer

Jon Weiss

Motion Graphics Artist & Editor

Steven Robert

Video Producer & Editor

Brian Kerr

Video Producer & Director


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