First Arriving Awarded Purchasing Contract with North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association Technology Procurement Program

First Arriving has been awarded a contract with the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) Technology Procurement Program. The contract runs through March 15, 2023 (Bid #23-02-0222).

The NCSA Technology Procurement Program is a cooperative bid program that achieves competitive pricing that municipalities including law enforcement, fire & EMS, and local governments purchase. The program eliminates duplication of effort through the creation of one statewide bid that can be used by all counties and municipalities throughout the United States. 

First Arriving technology products included (2022-2023 contract)


NCSA’s role is to act as an advocate for your agency during the purchasing process and to provide you with a program that delivers great financial savings along with quality customer service while using a system that is easy to navigate.


  • No costs – all government agencies can participate
  • No purchasing obligations
  • Individual discount programs on over 140 technology categories

Read more for a full listing of technology items, pricing, dealer information and the program’s terms and conditions.

Getting Started

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