Striking the Balance Between Retention & Recruitment in Volunteer Fire/EMS Organizations

Recruitment without retention can create a revolving door in your volunteer Fire/EMS agency. Retention without recruitment will eventually wear down your workforce without a plan to address regular and positive attrition. Retention and recruitment are so interdependent that they must be tackled simultaneously in order to sustain and grow your volunteer emergency services organization.

Chasing the Unicorn: Recruiting today’s fire and emergency services volunteers

Fire & EMS is a volunteering opportunity like none other; difficult if not impossible to describe, largely because of the tremendous impact you can have on the lives of others, yourself, and your entire community. Not many volunteering opportunities put the ‘real’ into real world experiences and education like fire and emergency services. Our challenge is to motivate the right audience towards serving with us. So, if you’re not focused on volunteer recruitment and retention, what are you focused on?

How to Break the First Rule of Volunteer Fire/EMS Recruitment, Successfully!

Sharing your volunteer fire department’s full application on your recruitment website instead of making first contact via a simple online inquiry form can be too much information–too soon for some applicants. There’s a better way to collect leads and move prospects to the next step without missing out on connecting with your next candidate for membership.