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If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, a Video is Worth a Million!

Highlighting the unique aspects of your department, showcasing the benefits of working for your organization, and demonstrating the impact that first responders have on their community, you can inspire the next generation of first responders to join your team

Looking for Volunteer Fire & EMS Recruitment Influencers?

Throughout the pandemic, volunteer fire and EMS recruiters across the nation had to get creative and develop recruitment messages through new means of communication To help overcome those obstacles, some organizations hired social media influencers to help attract and recruit people to their brand. Although TikTok is new, using influencers is nothing new in the recruiting world.

Striking the Balance Between Retention & Recruitment in Volunteer Fire/EMS Organizations

Recruitment without retention can create a revolving door in your volunteer Fire/EMS agency. Retention without recruitment will eventually wear down your workforce without a plan to address regular and positive attrition. Retention and recruitment are so interdependent that they must be tackled simultaneously in order to sustain and grow your volunteer emergency services organization.