COVID 19 Desktop Dashboard Program

First Arriving is actively working with our technology partners to provide all current department and agency customers  up to FOUR FREE additional desktop licenses to support your mission and internal communication needs during the national emergency. These licenses can be for Windows 10 or Mac.

These licenses will be FREE for at least 60 days from date of activation for the national emergency. Subscriptions for additional desktops, iPads or standard large display TV licenses can be purchased. Volume discounts may apply.

Please complete the short form below to help us finalize this process and gauge interest. We will be deploying this early next week and this form will serve as your request form. Dashboard requests will be processed in the order they come in, please be patient as we push this service live for the COVID-19 emergency.

Be sure you are using your slides, news and other features to keep your agency informed about internal and local SOPs, emergency updates and more. If at any time you need support with your boards, email [email protected] or visit to open a ticket.

Thanks to our technology partners TelemetryTV, Aeris Weather, Amazon Web Services and others for supporting our infrastructure enhancements during this time.

This program is for current customers only. If you are interested in our Dashboards, please visit or email [email protected]

  • Estimate number of desktops (Windows 10 or Mac only) you'd be interested in. These can run in dedicated mode on your primary screen/monitor, or on a second screen.
  • We are finalizing options to deploy as many FA apps as possible to agencies during this time of national emergency. Please confirm whether including alerting is required on these screens as well as navigation mapping -- which will drive how we leverage Google Maps (which charges) and other features.
  • We are working on new devices options to feed televisions and larger displays. Please let us know if you'd be interested in additional devices separately. The subscription cost would be the same as your current licenses, although volume may support further discounts. iPad subscriptions are also available.
  • For example, detail if these would be deployed to stations/facilities and mirror that content, be set up in HQ or Ops Centers and need different content, etc. All core features are fine from your existing boards, additional content and integrations will be handled on a case by case basis initially to speed deployments. If you would like to request more than four, please detail your use and need here and we'll do our best to accommodate.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.