Exciting Digital Dashboard Changes Coming for 2022!

Fresh updates, new enhancements, and user features are rolling out in the new year with First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards. First Arriving Digital Dashboards provide integration with a growing network of over 100 leading third-party technology platforms, features, and service providers. From small volunteer fire and EMS departments and police departments to some of the nation’s largest public safety agencies and municipal governments, First Arriving dashboards are improving department communication in more than 46 states and Canada.  

These latest updates include everything from integration improvements and shared user lessons to growing communication benefits and increased product support. Continuing to provide high-quality service that improves communication in your department and with other departments is the driving focus of First Arriving’s mission.  

New Integrations and Enhancements Increase Communication  

First Arriving has recently added new integrations to its digital dashboard platform dealing with station alerting, unit and fleet status, and personal fitness. These 100+ integrations help you be more engaged with data, critical communication within your department, and customized messaging. Our reason for adding these is to make sure you do not have any drop in any data within your platform.

We have enhanced the admin side of the platform to allow for adding more users for specific devices, a benefit for larger departments, and made improvements to Forms Engine and Google Slide control. These will help users better enter and update department news and the slide presentation. This will be extremely helpful when you must send out new SOPs or if you need to change the slide presentation based on a specific event or topic. These enhancements have also increased our ability to respond to any service request you may have faster than before. 

Looking Ahead to 2022  

New Product Launch: First Arriving’s App/Intranet Platform

Laptop and App of new product

Coming Late 2022: Our beta app and desktop-based intranet product will include some ready-to-go integrations, announcements with an optional required view, and agency downloads like documents and equipment guides. Plus, it will feature an agency chat, a personnel directory, and more tools for admin management. We’ve even saved the best for last – this new product will connect links to all of your agency’s key platforms in one place giving you the ability to take your dashboard on the go.

Upgraded Portal   

First Arriving is also working on an improved Portal for managing messages, videos, and device status.  This new portal will double as a mobile application with default Forms for users to directly enter information with new views of the data. Forms will serve as an alternative to Google Sheets and offer users additional options for displaying content. 

User-Controlled Slides Enhancements 

Tied in with seeing and arranging, we are also introducing a new Google Sheets template that will give users a select-and-click customization option for a beautiful presentation that keeps your dashboard looking fresh.  

Users will also be able to change slide durations on the dashboard.  This updated integration will display each slide just once and then automatically move to the next item on your dashboard based on the time you’ve set.  For example, if you have 4 slides, at 10 seconds apiece, it will display for 40 seconds and then move on.  If you add 2 slides for a total of 6, it will display for 60 seconds and then move on.

In addition to the slide duration functionality, users will also be able to choose from multiple slide presentations for showcasing on their dashboard. For example, one week you might want a slide presentation for training, and the next week you can change it to a different presentation that highlights announcements.

Expanded Support & Service Offering 

Service is another part of the new happenings with the digital dashboards. Our Support Center continues to be updated with frequent tips, integration examples, and best practices, all to help you see what others are doing and what may be helpful to your department.  

User-Controlled Website Integration

Users will now be able to enter a URL into the portal for display on the dashboards. Users will also be able to dictate how long each website is showcased on the dashboards.  

Refer & Save

Refer your local government, neighboring department, or another agency & receive $100 account credit for each submission when they sign-up for dashboards, websites, or marketing services. Just send their first name, last name, agency, and email address to [email protected] along with your info. 

Bonus! If they add 3 or more Dashboards, you will also get a free desktop/tablet license. 

Shared Lessons Among Dashboard Users 

In late 2021, First Arriving established our first User Group. The First Arriving User Group will provide for a peer-review of upcoming features and functionality including some of the features you’re reading about now. The User Group will influence future production and development of products and selected integrations. Stay tuned for future opportunities to join the User Group! 

First Arriving is excited for 2022 as we build these improvements and enhancements to the digital dashboards and for the dashboard users. From new integration partners to new dashboard designs, each item is focused on providing you with tools to easily communicate with your personnel and to share ideas with all of us. The distractions are many and time is short. First Arriving digital dashboards give you the tools to instantly send out critical information and keep your departments up to date on what is happening.