First Arriving Platforms Now Available on Canadian Hosting Infrastructure

With over 700+ dashboard customers across the United States, we’re excited to offer Dashboards to our Canadian customers in the North. Dashboards serve as an integral part of public safety agencies to provide the situational awareness and communication options that your department needs.

To support Canada’s data residency requirements for government entities, First Arriving is now offering a Canadian datacenter deployment option for our customers.  Utilizing technology services from Cloudflare and AWS, our dashboards and their supporting functionality may be deployed wholly in Canada.  This deployment allows requests originating from a Canadian agency to go through a Canadian Cloudflare POP and then be processed within a Canadian AWS datacenter.  This allows First Arriving customers to fulfill Canadian-based data transit and residency requirements.

This does not cover situations where a Canadian client may request that First Arriving integrates with a 3rd party service that does not also have an equivalent Canadian endpoint.  When this occurs, First Arriving will still handle the inbound request from the agency and primary processing within Canada, however it will request data from the 3rd party to non-Canadian endpoints if that is all that is available.  All data handling for these 3rd party services is dependent upon their commitments with their customers.

As a visual communication tool, Dashboards take your existing technology and display the information your team needs including alerting, scheduling, real-time and scheduled messages, fleet and asset management and so much more.

Picture this – one of your crew members has been off for a few days and needs to get caught up, quickly. Instead of logging into 10 or 15 different platforms, they can grab a cup of coffee and review all the needed information one or more 55” TVs mounted in the day room or around the station. Within minutes, they have the situational awareness to understand what is happening, who else is on shift, the status of fleet and apparatus, missing assignments or training, and are now ready for whatever the world may throw at them. For less than $3/day per screen, you can provide this critical resource to your entire team.

With 100+ integrations we have likely already integrated with some of your department’s existing tools. Not the savviest department on the technology front? No problem. If you’re tracking information – think whiteboard or spreadsheet – we can build those visual tools using more simplified tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft products.

Dashboards are 100% customizable and since they are built for you, they really work for departments of all sizes. From small rural volunteer departments to medium-sized agencies to the largest metros – dashboards are built for you and your department’s specific needs and wants.

Some of the Key Dashboard Features:

  1. Alerting
  2. Scheduling
  3. News & Messaging
  4. Fleet & Asset Management 
  5. Weather & Radar Alerting
  6. Traffic Cams

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