GearGrid Establishes Brand Identity Through Video Content Produced by First Arriving

GearGrid Establishes Brand Identity Through Video Content Produced by First Arriving

GearGrid, a company specializing in the design and fabrication of durable storage solutions for markets that require leading-edge solutions, partnered with First Arriving to create video content to promote GearGrid’s brand.

First Arriving has been GearGrid’s trusted marketing partner for years and First Arriving was excited for the opportunity to take the company’s marketing efforts to the next level with custom video content.

GearGrid is a market leader in the public safety, athletic and automotive markets and the purpose of their recent video shoot was to showcase the company’s quality products. “We needed videos of our products to capture our largest markets, fire and athletic,” said Emily Krych, GearGrid’s Marketing Manager.

First Arriving brought GearGrid’s vision to life with the help of First Arriving’s talented video production team who shot on-site at GearGrid Headquarters in Forest Lake, MN where they manufacture all products.

“We’ve built a great relationship with the First Arriving team,” said Krych. “We trust them with our marketing efforts and we’ve seen the video productions they have done.” Krych claimed that it was important for the shoot to be coordinated by someone familiar with the brand, so working with First Arriving on this shoot was a no brainer.

“Their team has so many skills,” Krych said about working with the First Arriving video team. “They have great ideas and great recommendations.”

The video shoot for GearGrid resulted in an overall video titled “Who is GearGrid,” several client testimonials and product 360s. The primary goal of the shoot was to capture GearGrid’s largest markets, fire and athletic, by creating videos that would help potential customers understand the company and the quality of its products.

From pre-production through post-production, First Arriving took care of ensured all aspects were coordinated and that the overall shoot strategy was understood by all involved. “Everything was really organized,” said Krych about the production process.

Since the completion of the final videos, the content has been used across GearGrid’s social platforms to aid their marketing efforts. Krych said they plan to use the content for future marketing efforts to target the fire and athletic markets that they already serve.

“First Arriving proves to us time and time again that they care about our company and representing our brand. They’re always dedicated to doing a job right, and we could not be happier with the final result.”

Learn more about First Arriving’s video production services here and browse GearGrid’s video library here.

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