Active911 Dashboard Integration

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First Arriving’s integration with Active911 is among the most popular ways to display call and other alerts pushed through Active911.

Features Include:

  • Real-Time Call Dispatch
  • Nature of Call, Address, Units Dispatched, Call Notes
  • Personnel Responding
  • Mapping & Directions with Hydrants & Other Data
  • Turnout Timer
  • Custom Alarm Tones (listen to examples)
  • ETA and Distance
  • Google Street View and other mapping features
  • ESRI layers
  • Mapbox & other mapping platform layers

For more information on our overall call alerting features, check out our overview here.

What We Need:

  • You’ll need an Active911 account
  • Request an API Key from Active911 (we’ll provide instructions specific to First Arriving once you sign up for service)
  • Page Groups desired

See It In Action – Incident Notification

Active911 Integration Examples

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