Firehouse Software by ESO

First Arriving’s Integration With Firehouse Software By ESO Brings The Popular RMS Software To First Arriving Dashboards, Providing A One-Stop Place To Look At Multiple Reports.

First Arriving’s Integration With Firehouse Software By ESO Includes:

  • Department Events
    • Event Name
    • Date and Time
    • Description
  • Hydrants Out of Service
    • Hydrant Name / ID
    • Location
  • Turnout Time Dials
    • Visualize turnout times with a dial
    • Organize by Unit, Station, Battalion or Department
    • Can Display however far back you would like
  • Request for Maintenance
    • Unit ID or name of piece of equipment
    • Requestor
  • Daily Roster
    • Name
    • Station Location
    • Unit Assigned
    • Rank / Position
  • Call Totals
    • Month or Year to date
    • Show total runs with all units
    • Show total runs per unit

What You Need:

  • On-Premise Customers
    • Create the query/report you want and be able to export in CSV format
    • Have the File move from the downloaded location to the SFTP location we provide you.  This can be a manual process or you can also use a number of tools to automate this process.
    • Make sure that when the file is transferred to SFTP location that you overwrite existing, so there is only one file in the folder per module.
    • Tell us what columns of the query/report you would like to display on your dashboards
  • Firehouse Cloud Customers
    • Contact Firehouse Cloud customer support as they will set up the SFTP transfer
    • Provide them the exact query/report that you want them to have
    • Tell us what columns of the report/query you would like to display on your dashboards.
  • Please note that Data / API access could be an additional charge by the vendor.  This is determined by the vendor and not by First Arriving.

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