First Arriving’s integration with Firehouse Software by ESO brings the popular RMS software to First Arriving Dashboards, providing a one-stop place to look at multiple reports.

First Arriving’s Integration with Firehouse Software by ESO Includes:

  • Department Events
    • Event Name
    • Date and Time
    • Description
  • Hydrants Out of Service
    • Hydrant Name / ID
    • Location
  • Turnout Time Dials
    • Visualize turnout times with a dial
    • Organize by Unit, Station, Battalion or Department
    • Can Display however far back you would like
  • Request for Maintenance
    • Unit ID or name of piece of equipment
    • Requestor
  • Daily Roster
    • Name
    • Station Location
    • Unit Assigned
    • Rank / Position
  • Call Totals
    • Month or Year to date
    • Show total runs with all units
    • Show total runs per unit

What You Need:

    • On-Premise Customers
      • Create the query/report you want and be able to export in CSV format
      • Have the File move from the downloaded location to a SFTP location we provide you.  This can be manual process or you can also use a number of tools to automate this process.
        • Make sure that when the file is transferred to SFTP location that you overwrite existing, so there is only one file in the folder per module.
      • Tell us what columns of the query / report you would like to display on your dashboards
    • Firehouse Cloud Customers
      • Contact Firehouse Cloud customer support as they will setup the SFTP transfer
      • Provide them the exact query / report that you want them to have
      • Tell us what columns of the report / query you would like to display on your dashboards.


Interested in learning more about how Firehouse Software by ESO and First Arriving working together can benefit your fire or EMS department? Complete this short form or email [email protected].