First Arriving’s Integration With FireRescue1 Provides The Latest Top Articles And News In The World Of Firefighting To Your First Arriving Dashboards.

First Arriving’s Integration With FireRescue1 Includes:

  • Highlights new entries published within 24 hours of current time
    • Different color text
    • Different color background
  • Show title of entry
  • Shows first few sentences of article
  • Display image if one is present for the article
  • Can be used as a “ticker” at the bottom of your dashboard that scrolls the articles

What You Need:

  • Choose which RSS feed you would like to have and let us know at [email protected]
    • FireRescue1 Product Articles
    • FireRescue1 Daily News
    • FireRescue1 Columnists Articles
    • FireRescue1 Top Articles
    • FireRescue1 Tips
    • FireRescue1 Jobs
    • Most Popular Firefighting Articles
    • FireRescue1 Exclusive Articles
    • Most Popular Articles
    • FireRescue1 Top Stories
    • FireRescue1 Columnists
    • Articles Columnists sponsored by Globe
    • Most Popular Products
    • Most Recent Products

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