First Arriving’s integration with Google Calendar is a great calendar option for agencies of all sizes. You can use it for scheduling things like training, events, and even personnel.

First Arriving’s Integration with Google Calendar Includes:

  •  Show calendars for :
    • Staffing
    • Upcoming Training
    • Upcoming Events
    • Upcoming PubEd Events
  • Chose between the following time ranges to show
    • Current day
    • One Week View
    • Two Week View
    • Three Week View
    • Month View

What You Need:

  • The Google calendar needs to be set to Public
  • The events on the calendar need to be set Public
  • Go to the Settings and Sharing section of the calendar you wish to use and look under “Integrate Calendar” to find a Calendar ID (looks like an email address) then send us the Calendar ID.


Interested in learning more about how Google Calendar and First Arriving working together can benefit your fire or EMS department? Complete this short form or email [email protected].