First Arriving’s integration with Kronos Telestaff brings your daily roster to your First Arriving Dashboards.

First Arriving’s Integration with Kronos Telestaff Includes:

  • Display current day’s roster
  • Provide roster for the next shift or more!
  • Roster information can include:
    • Name
    • Unit
    • Start date and time
    • End date and time
    • Position
  • Organize the information by either station or unit

What You Need:

  • Kronos Telestaff On-Premise
    • Ability to automatically export a CSV file containing the necessary columns as listed above. Example of a file would be RE11.csv
    • Ability to automatically move the CSV file to an SFTP location we provide
    • When the file is moved to SFTP, it must overwrite (keeping same file name)
  • Kronos Telestaff Workforce (Cloud-based)
    • Contact Kronos Telestaff support and request FTP location credentials
    • Filename requested can be RE11.csv or another CSV that contains all relevant information you would like on your dashboards.


Interested in learning more about how Kronos Telestaff and First Arriving working together can benefit your fire or EMS department? Complete this short form or email [email protected].