Bring the drilled down analytics from NFORS front and center to the First Arriving Digital Dashboards, allowing detailed information to be visible to all positions within your fire department.

First Arriving’s Integration with NFORS Includes:

  •  Unit Utilization
    • Card-style with individual station about each unit, including :
      • Unit hour utilization in percentage
      • Typical, slow and busy indicator with color
      • Total number of responses
        • Time span can be customized
        • Fire and EMS counts
      • Average Turnout Time
      • Sort by station, battalion, and department
  • Top Unit Performs
    • First, second and third place based on lowest turnout time
    • List top 10 units for the department
      • Shows the following in table format :
        • Rank
        • Unit
        • Average Turnout Time (min/sec)
        • Day Turnout Time
        • Night Turnout Time

What We Need:

  • Username and Password (non-admin is fine) to access the API


Interested in learning more about how NFORS and First Arriving working together can benefit your fire or EMS department? Complete this short form or email [email protected].