First Arriving’s integration with SafetyPad by ESO brings ePCR data to our Digital Dashboards.

First Arriving’s Integration with SafetyPad Includes:

  •  Turnout Times
    • Display total number of calls within a specified time frame
    • Display the number of calls that turned out under target time (for instance 90 seconds)
    • Display average turnout time in minutes/seconds
    • Display average enroute time in minutes/seconds
  • Incident Details
    • Response Code
    • Nature of the call
    • Unit
    • Medication Given
    • Hospital
    • Date and time
  • Hospitals Transported To
    • Name of the Hospital
    • Number of patients taken in a given time frame
      • Time frame is specified by client

What We Need:

  • API endpoint provided by SafetyPad
  • API Key provided by SafetyPad

Interested in learning more about how SafetyPad by ESO and First Arriving working together can benefit your fire or EMS department? Complete this short form or email [email protected].