First Arriving’s integration with Southern Software showcases multiple items from CAD in real-time to your dashboards, allowing a big-picture view of what you are responding to, where all units are, and what dispatches have not been cleared.  In addition, you can add Hot List items that are displayed directly onto your dashboards!

First Arriving’s Integration with Southern Software Includes:

  • Real-time alarm notification
    • Nature of Call
    • Address
    • Units Dispatched
    • Notes from Dispatch
    • Mapping can be found here
  • Hot List
    • Type
    • Location
    • Start Date and Time
    • End Date and Time
  • Unit Status
    • Show all units in service or only units on a call
    • Unit ID
    • Unit
    • Status (Enroute, Arrive, Clear, etc.)
    • Can view either on ticker static on right side of dashboard
  • Ongoing Calls
    • Call Type
    • Address
    • Dispatched Day and Time Ongoing Calls

What We Need:

  • Southern Software CAD module to automatically send emails of dispatch information
  • Southern Software support will setup transfer of XML files for Hot List, Unit Status, and Ongoing Calls


Interested in learning more about how Southern Software and First Arriving working together can benefit your fire or EMS department? Complete this short form or email [email protected].