Level Up Recruitment: Attracting Gen Z, Millennials through Video Game Tournaments in Public Safety

Recruiting new members, especially from younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials, is a never-ending mission for volunteer fire, EMS, and law enforcement organizations. Innovative recruitment strategies are necessary to capture the attention of these tech-savvy individuals and stand out from the competition. Let’s explore how career and volunteer fire, EMS, and law enforcement organizations can leverage video game tournaments to engage Gen Z and Millennials as an effective recruitment strategy.

Capitalize on Gaming Culture and Technology

To leverage the gaming culture and technology, departments can organize video game tournaments specifically tailored to capture the interests of Gen Z and Millennials. As video games have become essential to their daily lives and culture, these tournaments provide a unique and effective recruitment opportunity. When selecting games for these events, prioritize popular titles with team-based mechanics, allowing participants to experience virtual teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills that mirror real-life emergency service scenarios. By aligning the gameplay with the roles and responsibilities of first responders, you can create an engaging and immersive experience that resonates with potential recruits and ignites their interest in joining your department.

Pro Tip: Collaborate with Gaming Influencers with a strong following among Gen Z and Millennials. By leveraging their support and active participation in your video game tournaments, you can reach a wider audience of potential recruits and benefit from their genuine endorsement.

Promote Camaraderie and Teamwork

Emphasize the values of camaraderie and teamwork within the fire and law enforcement professions. Highlight the significance of collaboration, communication, and coordination in emergency response situations. Showcase how the gaming experience aligns with these values, demonstrating the rewarding experiences of working together to serve the community. By emphasizing the similarities between the gaming environment and real-life scenarios, you can showcase the teamwork and camaraderie that define these organizations and attract potential recruits eager to contribute to the collective effort of safeguarding and serving the community.

Provide Insight into the Field

In addition to the video game tournaments, it is important to provide participants with valuable insights into volunteer fire, EMS, and law enforcement organizations. Offer opportunities for recruits to engage with current members through Q&A sessions, panel discussions, or virtual meet-and-greets. This interaction allows participants to interact with experienced professionals and gain firsthand knowledge about the day-to-day life of emergency services, career paths, training opportunities, and the positive impact they can make by joining these organizations. By conducting these informative sessions, you can provide a thorough understanding of the rewarding experiences and growth opportunities available, inspiring potential recruits to pursue a fulfilling career in serving their communities.

Showcase Technological Advancements

Demonstrate the integration of technology into the operations of volunteer fire and EMS and law enforcement organizations, showcasing technological advancements. Gen Z and Millennials are tech-savvy and appreciate organizations that embrace innovation. Highlight advanced equipment, software, and digital platforms for emergency response, investigations, and community outreach and how your department stays at the forefront of technology.

Create Opportunities for Volunteer Involvement

Showcase the wide range of roles and responsibilities within volunteer fire, EMS, and law enforcement organizations. Highlight the training programs, certifications, and opportunities to make a tangible difference in the community. It is important to communicate that the video game tournament is merely the starting point, and by joining, participants can actively contribute to their local emergency services and law enforcement efforts. Remember the station tour!


To connect with Gen Z and Millennials, organizations need to embrace innovative recruitment strategies that align with their interests and digital preferences. It’s essential to understand the unique qualities and importance of these generations, ensuring that our recruitment efforts resonate with them on a personal level. By staying in tune with their ever-evolving interests and leveraging modern technologies, you can create engaging experiences that attract and inspire the next generation of passionate individuals to serve.


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