First Arriving’s integration with Locution Systems expands your station alerting by displaying dispatch information to all of your connected dashboards in real-time!  In addition to showing your calls, you can also show all unit status for units within your department and even neighboring departments.

Features with the Locution Integration Include:

  •  Real-Time Dispatch Information, which includes :
    • Nature of Call
    • Address
    • Units Dispatched
    • Call notes
  • Unit Status
    • Unit Name
    • Status (Dispatched, Enroute, At Scene, etc..)
    • Last Know Location
    • Can be shown 24/7 or on a dedicated page
  • Choose from multiple alarm layouts found here
  • Turnout Timer (optional)
  • ETA and Distance to incident location from station viewing the Dashboard
  • Multiple mapping options found here
  • Pick and choose which alarm sound you want found here
  • Utilize your own Public or Private ESRI Layers

What We Need:

  • Current customer of Locution
  • Reach out to us at [email protected] expressing your interest in utilizing Locution for real-time alarms and/or unit status. In addition, please have the below information available so that we can provide Locution as much information as possible.
    • Timezone of your department
    • Bounding box of Latitude and Longitude coordinates (North, South, East, West)
    • Mapping of your incident codes in a human readable description (VF -> Vehicle Fire,  7811 -> Building Rescue)
  • Please note that Data / API access could be an additional charge.  This is determined by the vendor.

Interested in learning more about how Locution Systems and First Arriving working together can benefit your fire or EMS department? Just complete the short form on this page or email [email protected].