MSFA Maryland Volunteer Department Recruitment Profile Submission

Please have a member of your leadership or recruitment team complete the form below to fill out your profile on the revamped MSFA recruitment Website by Friday, March 30th, 2018.

Key Details

In addition to completing the form below, please email the following to [email protected] at your earliest convenience:

  1. Complete the form below in its entirety. You may “Save and Continue” and return to complete it later. You’ll be provided a special link to do so.
  2. Indicate what is your preferred “top” photo to feature
  3. If you want to use Dropbox or Google Drive to share multiple files, please share with [email protected]. If you don’t have one of those but would like to bulk upload, please email us there and we’ll send you a link

Note for Montgomery & Prince George’s County Departments: You do *not* need to complete this form. Your profile information will be pulled from your current profile at or Have changes? Email us [email protected].