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Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

A New Pyramid Scheme for Your Volunteer Fire Department

One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s emergency services managers is people. Not enough people to respond, not enough people to serve on committees, not enough people to take on added responsibilities, and not enough people to do all the jobs that need to get done.

Maximizing the Volunteer Life Cycle

The term “Volunteer Life Cycle” (VLC) is used to describe all the stages, phases, and events that occur in one’s journey in volunteer emergency services. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the process of mapping your own personal VLC, and how to identify and address obstacles and barriers to recruitment and retention in order to maximize the volunteer life cycle in your department.

Webcast: The Art of Speed Recruiting in the Fire Service

Fire service recruiters often have only minutes to catch the interest of a potential volunteer. This webinar details the cornerstones of successful in-person recruiting, including preparing to be successful, creating the right environment, making the pitch, and closing the deal.

First Arriving Acquires Leading Public Safety Digital Dashboard Platform, PSIN

First Arriving today announces the acquisition of the Public Safety Information Network (PSIN) platform from leading digital signage company, Wondersign. PSIN is a digital dashboard technology that drives internal communication, situational awareness and real-time dispatch information on displays in fire, EMS and law enforcement facilities nationwide.