Digital Dashboards Installed in Bethel-Tate Fire Department Help to Engage the Community in Latest News About Department

First Arriving Dashboards were recently implemented in the Bethel-Tate Fire Department with the goal of giving the public the most up-to-date information and improving department wide communication. 

Captain Christopher Cooper had two Dashboards installed at the station, one in the public common area to inform the community and one where the department members are. 

“We were hoping to streamline information throughout the department, whether you are a chief or a cadet, you can see what is going to be out of service,” Captain Christopher Cooper said. “First Arriving gave us the solution.”

Bethel-Tate FD was also looking to give the community the most up-to-date information regarding the department so Cooper had a Dashboard installed in the public area of the department. 

Bethel-Tate FD covers 48-square miles and has a total of 50 members. Now with First Arriving Dashboards, the department can better serve their area with members who are fully informed and prepared when going on calls. 

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