Brass Tacks Hard Facts Garners Millions of Video Views with Help from First Arriving

Elkhart Brass partnered with First Arriving in 2016 to distribute the brand’s video series, “Brass Tacks & Hard Facts.”

Elkhart Brass created the educational video series to better inform consumers about nozzles, flows, fire flow systems and engine company operations as a discipline, utilizing some of the country’s top engine company instructors. 

When it came time to release the series, Elkhart Brass trusted in the First Arriving marketing team to generate awareness and video views. 

First Arriving started by creating a custom website to home the series, where users can browse the full collection of videos. The website also features more information about the subjects discussed, background details on the various instructors featured, and a lead form to request more information about the products used in the series. 

In addition to the website, the First Arriving team was also tapped to release episodes weekly across multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo and YouTube. 

The wildly successful series, now on its third season, has garnered tens of millions of video views across Elkhart Brass’ channels, and episodes are now used for training purposes across the country. The “Brass Tacks & Hard Facts” website has had over 200,000 users browse the website since its launch.

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