First Arriving Creates a User-friendly Website with a Modern Design to Attract More Volunteers for the Cave Spring Volunteer Fire Department

Cave Spring Volunteer Fire Department’s updated website launched late May 2019. The department, which serves around 25,000 people in Roanoke, Virginia, was looking for an updated site to help bring more volunteers to its station doors. 

The department’s previous website was created by a current member but after some time, the members realized that they wanted to improve their web presence to engage with their community and aid their recruitment efforts. “We wanted to personalize the department by showing members actively doing things.” Chris Hale, a volunteer firefighter who works for the volunteering committee, said. 

First Arriving stepped in to partner with Cave Spring on their new website to increase the number of visitors to their website and turn the website users to volunteers. 

Their redesigned website makes it easy for visitors to learn about all the department has to offer their volunteers by displaying all of their recruitment information in an easy to follow Join section. The department’s social media pages are integrated into the website which provides easy access to the content posted on their Twitter and Instagram and promotes those pages, helping their goal of community engagement.  

“It’s definitely a huge improvement from what we had before and we’re confident that it will attract more members to our department.” 

The new website was the first of many recruitment solutions First Arriving has provided for Cave Spring, including recruitment marketing campaigns and recruitment videos that will be rolling out onto the new site in the coming weeks. 

Browse their new website at:

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