Central Campbell Fire District Increases Communication Countywide with Implementation of First Arriving Dashboards

Central Campbell Fire District in Cold Spring, Kentucky is one of seven departments now utilizing First Arriving – Central Campbell FD, Southern Campbell FD, Alexandria FD, Wilder FD, Melbourne VFD, Newport FD and Bellevue-Dayton FD. Through the implementation of First Arriving Digital Dashboards and a collaborative effort among the departments, communication has increased across the county for greater efficiency within each department.

Lieutenant Danny Hildebrand heard about First Arriving Digital Dashboards through a neighboring county and was excited to bring this technology to Central Campbell. Now that their dashboards are in use within the departments, he says the top benefits are the integrations of many existing and popular software as well as the increased information exchange capabilities.

“One of the best features of First Arriving is the ability to integrate multiple other platforms, such as Active911 and Aladtec-Fire Manager. Most Fire Departments have one or more of these types of software that they already utilize. To be able to bring them together to enhance our communication efforts really appealed to me,” says Hildebrand.

Heavily relying on mutual aid in Campbell county, Hildebrand also says that First Arriving Digital Dashboards have assisted in decision making by their incident commanders across the county. Hildebrand notes, “We are able to use it for a multitude of things, from training, response information, communication to other departments, keeping track of information passed on from shift to shift, there is so much we use it for. With today’s volume of information that is sent out via email, it is hard to discern and read through it all. This system allows us to showcase the important information and present it in a manner that is easy to read and in a place that can easily be seen.”

Members throughout the seven departments have reacted positively to the new Digital Dashboards, citing the “cool” factor, as well as the utility of a one-stop-shop for all critical information.

The implementation process for Central Campbell was a great exchange for both parties. Central Campbell came to First Arriving with many ideas for how they wanted their Digital Dashboard to function. Hildebrand recalls, “First Arriving’s ability to be flexible and dedicated to our concept was outstanding. They were great to work with.”

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