East Rutherford Fire Department Launches First Website to Improve Online Presence

First Arriving just launched East Rutherford Fire Department’s first website, elevating the department’s online presence. This department located in Bergen County, NJ, needed a place where prospective members could find extensive information relating to the department and how to join. 

“Three years ago, I realized we had no website and we relied solely on social media to get our info out.” James Zalewski, technology and communications administrator/firefighter, said. “We wanted a public facing website to aid in recruitment efforts and community engagement.” This is what brought East Rutherford to First Arriving. 

“We wanted a site to aid recruitment efforts. We wanted something that was user-friendly and looked professional,” Zalewski said. “First Arriving gave us a lot of suggestions and ideas.”

Since this was the department’s first website, the collaboration between the department and First Arriving was important to East Rutherford. First Arriving’s experience in website development as well as volunteer recruitment meant that the department’s first website would meet these goals and provide results.  

“Any member of the community would be able to navigate through the site. It definitely is an attention grabber and checks all of our boxes.”

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