First Arriving Launches Website to Increase Website Traffic for Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department

Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department, located in Prince George’s County, Maryland, serves a population of just under 50,000 people. Volunteer firefighter Mike Dewey reached out to First Arriving to partner with the department on the revamp of their new website to increase brand recognition and web traffic. 

“First Arriving has a big footprint in the Maryland area,” Dewey said. Dewey looked at other companies but the chose First Arriving because of the specialization and focus on fire service. 

To accomplish the goal of increasing website traffic, the fire department needed to be marketed better to the community. First Arriving not only creates website solutions but also provides marketing services and this combination of services helped to create a marketable product. 

First Arriving provided help to the department in setting up their Google Analytics account so they could track relevant metrics and showing the department tools to best market the department. “We have seen an increase in web traffic since launching the website through the tools First Arriving provided,” Dewey said. “We are happy to have a managed site like we have now.” 

Berwyn Heights is hopeful that the site will also bring in new members to increase the department’s operational personnel to 85 people. First Arriving took this into consideration and made sure to integrate features into the site that would attract new members. 

“The total package First Arriving provided was the best thing we could have asked for,” Dewey said.


Browse their new website at: 

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