GearGrid Teams Up with First Arriving to Propel Brand Forward

GearGrid Teams Up with First Arriving to Propel Brand Forward

GearGrid, a company that specializes in storage solutions for a variety of industries, began working with First Arriving in 2018 to launch a website, create a product video library and institute online marketing initiatives to propel the brand forward.

The company, located in Forest Lake, Minnesota was looking to build their online presence and generate brand awareness in their primary markets, including fire & EMS, athletic, public works and automotive. This brought them to partner with First Arriving in 2018.

With every marketing initiative, GearGrid’s Marketing Manager, Emily Krych has worked closely with First Arriving’s marketing services team and has served as GearGrid’s project manager for the web, marketing and video production projects produced.

“From our first meeting with First Arriving, we had a lot of faith and confidence in them,” Krych said, “We have fully trusted them with each step of our marketing strategy.”

Since partnering with First Arriving the company has experienced an increase in traffic, leads and subsequent sales over time.

Once signing on with First Arriving, GearGrid wanted to quickly start production on a new website to  improve the overall customer experience. A few months after the project was kicked off, First Arriving proudly launched the brand new, which immediately reached their goal of establishing a strong online presence.

The new website allows users to search for products, browse case studies and learn more about the brand. Users can request quotes through the website and contact GearGrid’s sales team directly to learn more and make a purchase.

First Arriving not only revamped GearGrid’s new site by improving design and functionality but also taught Krych and her team how to update the site independently. Krych was given the tools to sustain the new site and content changes that may arise.

Since launching the website in 2018, First Arriving has worked with the GearGrid team to make continuous improvements on the frontend and on the website backend.

Online Marketing Campaigns

Once the website was up and running, the First Arriving team immediately got to work to implement digital marketing campaigns to target GearGrid’s two primary markets: fire and EMS as well as athletic and education.

Digital search and social campaigns were launched to drive to the new website. Brand awareness ads run alongside product ads that are designed to drive users to the website to complete a lead form to get in touch with the GearGrid sales team.

Since initially launching advertisements, First Arriving has worked with GearGrid to consistently refine audiences, campaign content and strategy. Comprehensive marketing reports are provided to Krych and her team on a monthly basis so everyone at GearGrid is in the loop on the company’s strategy and results.

Since the start of their partnership, First Arriving has worked with the brand to develop content around special promotions and events. Throughout the year campaigns are often designed around the brand’s presence at major trade shows, new product launches or important events in the brand’s history.

In 2021, First Arriving launched a specialty, year long campaign for GearGrid’s 100 Year Anniversary. Elements created included a new logo, modified online graphics, trade show materials and special promotions for former customers.

“2021 was a big year for GearGrid for our 100 year anniversary. First Arriving helped us celebrate all year long with graphics and content to highlight our company history,” said Krych.

Video Production Package

Following the successful launch of their website and online campaigns with First Arriving, GearGrid knew that First Arriving was their only choice to take the company’s marketing efforts to the next level with custom video content.

“We’ve built a great relationship with the First Arriving team,” said Krych. “We trust them with our marketing efforts and we’ve seen their quality of video production.” Krych claimed that it was important for the shoot to be coordinated by someone familiar with the brand, so working with First Arriving on this shoot was a no brainer.

“We were lacking product photography and videography. We needed media of our products to capture interest in our largest markets.” said Krych.

First Arriving brought that vision to life with a two day video shoot. All footage was captured
By First Arriving’s video production team who shot on-site at GearGrid Headquarters in Forest Lake, MN where they manufacture all products.

The video shoot resulted in an overall video titled “Who is GearGrid,” several client testimonials and product 360s. The primary goal of the shoot was to capture GearGrid’s largest market by creating videos that would help potential customers understand the background of the company while showcasing the quality of its products.

From pre-production through post-production, First Arriving ensured all aspects were coordinated and that the overall shoot strategy was outlined.

Since the completion of the final videos, the content has been used across GearGrid’s online platforms to aid their marketing efforts.

“First Arriving proves to us time and time again that they care about our company and representing our brand. They’re always dedicated to doing a job right, and we could not be happier with the final result.”

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