Kentland Volunteer Fire Department Employs First Arriving Dashboards to Increase Situational Awareness for Personnel

Fire Chief Oleg Pelekhaty of Kentland Volunteer Fire Department in PG County, Maryland shared his experience with First Arriving Dashboards.

“The two biggest things that this system has helped us solve is internal communications and situational awareness,” said Fire Chief Oleg Pelekhaty.

The addition of the dashboards has helped them streamline their communication, which they had been struggling to do over the years.

“We struggled with a variety of different platforms to try and disseminate information,” Pelekhaty said.

The department had tried various methods but none of them have been as efficient as the dashboards, which allows members to find information by just looking at the dashboard.

In addition to all that the First Arriving Dashboards can do; departments are able to fully customize the dashboards to fit with their stations branding. Kentland customized their dashboards to orange and black and are very happy with the addition.

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