First Arriving Updates Website, Implements Dashboards for Plymouth Community Ambulance Association

Plymouth Community Ambulance Association (PCAA), the largest 911 ambulance provider for Montgomery County, PA, hired First Arriving to update its website and implement digital dashboards in its four stations.

First Arriving’s portfolio of website solutions motivated the Plymouth Community Ambulance Association in hiring First Arriving to update their website. “We like the products that First Arriving has made for other departments and the price was right on point for us,” Andrew Moretti, President of the Board of Directors, said.

As a vital community resource, PCAA’s new site allows community members to easily navigate the site to learn more about the organization, fill out forms or even sign up to join.

“We wanted something clean, professional looking and informative and that’s what we got from First Arriving.”

After successfully updating the website, First Arriving was tasked with installing digital dashboards to improve PCAA’s internal communication.

The organization goes on 15,000 calls per year and has 50 full-time employees. An organized mode of transportation was needed to help the department become more efficient throughout their four stations.

“We wanted to get everyone on the same page,” Moretti said. The main station, which has the most employees, was the first one to get digital dashboards installed. Installation and implementation of the dashboards was easy and efficient.

“Everyone now knows who is working and what trucks are in service,” Moretti said.

Digital dashboards replaced the need for whiteboards, which were hard to maintain and keep consistent throughout the four stations.

“It has been a good experience working with First Arriving,” Moretti said. “We could not be happier with the end products.”

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