“The Focus on Recruitment and Web Design is What Brought Us to First Arriving” – Wexford VFC

"First Arriving didn't just build us a website but they engaged with us in finding the best way of representing our department in our community," Woods said.

In Tim Flaherty’s seventh year as chief of Wexford Volunteer Fire Company (PA), his goal was to create an updated website for his department that would aid in their recruitment efforts.

The department’s previous website was no longer functional so Flaherty set out to find a new website provider.

“The focus on recruitment and web design is what brought us to First Arriving.” Flaherty said.

Recruitment was important to Flaherty and making sure that anyone who was interested in being a part of the department could easily find the right information was what he hoped to accomplish.

Their new site needed to allow for anyone who had the slightest interest would be able to find all the information they would want on the website and if they were ready to make a decision they would know how to do so.

All of this was accomplished in the new site and one of Flaherty favorite parts was the new online application for those who wanted to make the decision. For anyone interested in recruitment, the new site focused on that and also organized all other department information well.

“I liked the way everything was organized.” Flaherty said.

Overall, Flaherty would recommend First Arriving services because of the fast responsiveness and focus on recruitment.

“It was very well received by members of the department.” Flaherty said.

To browse Wexford’s new, fully-responsive website, check out:

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