TikTok & Instagram Reels Trends for Fire/EMS – December 2021

Welcome to First Arriving’s new regular feature showcasing the latest trends on social media, especially TikTok and Instagram Reels, to use in your department’s recruitment efforts, community outreach and member engagement. If you use one of these ideas, shoot the link to [email protected] and we may share on future editions and our socials.

Be sure to scroll below to see recent Fire Department TikToks!

TikTok Trending Music

To maximize video views, your best chance is by using trending audio. This month’s trending audio includes the following:

Idea to execute:

  • Start with one person holding the camera in selfie mode, bobbing head to the music, then pan to a group of people bobbing their heads together.

Suggested Hashtags to include: #dreamteam

Caption/Overlay: When you can’t get in trouble for working out at work because being in shape is a part of the job, When you work with your bestie #dreamteam

Idea to execute:

Dance challenge for the team

Caption idea: Insert a “winning” moment for the team

Suggested Hashtags to include: #dance #doittoit #bettertogetherchallenge

Instagram Reels Trends


Audio: Home Alone, Somewhere In My Memories – Them

Idea to Execute: Spruce up your content with the Home Alone theme tune this Christmas, providing the perfect background music to almost any reel concept, this isn’t audio to miss! We recommend using it for inspiring or educational posts.



Audio: Elf – Main Theme

Video: This audio similarly provides the perfect background music to any festive reel concept and would be a great way to show off your team in the Christmas spirit. Record small clips of your interior decor or share video of your team volunteering their time during the holidays.




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Video: Currently trending in reels explore, this motivational number is great for transformation style reels and would be a great way to spotlight the WOMEN on your team.


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This sound has been huge on TikTok and now it’s popping off in reels! This could be a good background tune while you gave a tutorial or answered a how-to that relates to your fire business.


Audio: Holy Spirit Activate, Bbybby

This sound has also been huge on TikTok and is now making the rounds on Instagram. It’s trend is commonly used in a facing ‘negative thought/task’ format with the ‘Holy Spirit activate’ lyrics used to imply you/your team dealing with said negativity. This would be great to show off a “no no” that you guys preach against and a great moment to “teach” your audience.

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