TikTok & Instagram Reels Trends for Fire/EMS – November 12, 2021

Welcome to First Arriving’s new regular feature showcasing the latest trends on social media, especially TikTok and Instagram Reels, to use in your department’s recruitment efforts, community outreach and member engagement. If you use one of these ideas, shoot the link to [email protected] and we may share on future editions and our socials.

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TikTok Trending Music

To maximize video views, your best chance is by using trending audio. This month’s trending audio includes the following:


@zeekoazidanFederal Besties of Investigation 😅♬ TWINNEM – Coi Leray

Idea to execute:

  • This would be a really good trend to jump on with another first responder. If there’s a bromance at the station, or two best friends it would be really cool to record the two of them in uniform doing different dances, feeding each other food, stuff that only best friends do. 
  • Another idea is to team up with another first responder agency like the police department and show how firefighters and police officers work together to serve the community.

Suggested Hashtags to include: #twinning #bestfriend #twinnem

Caption/text overlay: Best friends for life! #twinning


@hulyoflookey kayo😂after duty pa goodvibes ulit dyan mga jol♥️😁🙏@thegreatadoo_ @harvinlloyd follow nyo din sila mga ka Jol🙏♬ Are you ok? – 龙|•Aѕтяσ乙 🇰🇭

Idea to execute:

This is a dancing trend on TikTok right now. The best way to execute this idea is to dress up in uniform and perform the synchronized dance together.

Suggested Hashtags to include: #areyouok

Idea to execute:

Push up challenge for the team

Caption idea: Who’s up for the challenge? ! 🤔💪 

Suggested Hashtags to include: #pushupchallenge #tiktokchallenge #firefightersoftiktok #emtsoftiktok #policeoftiktok

Instagram Reels Trends


Audio: Kanye West – Praise God 

@in_the_nic_of_timeDad & I back at it 🥶 #trend #dad #edit #outfitchange #notviral♬ Praise God – Kanye West

Video: The concept here is to show the fireman or first responders in their regular clothes, and then transition to them in their suits. 

Caption: Someone had to be the best fire station in [XXXX] county



Audio: Me Too – Megan Trainor 


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A post shared by Erin Roden (@rodent630)

Video: This upbeat pop tune has so much potential and is currently making the rounds as a dance number! We suggest using it as a way to show off how your team, behind the scenes, or a day in the life.

Caption: We’d wanna be us too. What’s your favorite thing about [Enter station name here]?



Video: December is just around the corner and if you don’t start hopping on those Christmas tree-nds, yule be sorry.Featuring the iconic ‘SAAAANTA’ line from Elf, this reel is a brilliant way to start hyping up your Christmas cheer. Have you started decorating the station or fire truck? Show it off!

Caption options: 

Santa? We know him!

If you see us putting up Christmas decorations just remember it costs $0 to mind your own business

EXAMPLE REEL: Showing off the station decor

EXAMPLE REEL: Head of the station can lipsync the beginning of the video, then transition to the rest of the team celebrating with santa hats

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