TikTok & Instagram Reels Trends for Fire/EMS – October 7, 2021

Welcome to First Arriving’s new regular feature showcasing the latest trends on social media, especially TikTok and Instagram Reels, to use in your department’s recruitment efforts, community outreach and member engagement. If you use one of these ideas, shoot the link to [email protected] and we may share on future editions and our socials.

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TikTok Trending Music

To maximize video views, your best chance is by using trending audio. This month’s trending audio includes the following:


@merrickhannaOh no!!♬ original sound – SulfateOctagon

Idea to execute:

  • Intro: Record your team saying “Eat your vegetables” lip syncing to the video
  • Transition to your team working out and getting fit to be the very best version of their team so that they can serve their community well

Suggested Hashtags to include: #eatyourvegetables

Caption/text overlay: Stomping out these fires like.. 


@thetortoisewhispererKnock knock who’s there 🌵🐢♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Idea to execute:

Record a total of 30-60 second video showing the behind the scenes of working at your fire department. Transitions are really important so if you can split up the 30-60 seconds into several shorter clips that will work best. 

  • 1- 10 seconds: Overview of vide panning your fire department building with the local name if possible *brand recognition*
  • 10-20 seconds: Clip of your team getting in gear to respond to a call
  • 20-30 seconds: Clip of your team jumping into the firetruck
  • 30-40 seconds: Clip of your team putting out fire, or helping someone (do not show faces of anyone being helped- focus on YOUR team doing their job)
  • 40-50 seconds: Clip of your team slapping hands for a job well done or working together to get the job done

Suggested Hashtags to include: #spinningmonkeys


Idea to execute: This is a simple dance to do as a team. See video below for dance move

@kennelly_michelletag who you recognise 💞🤪♬ Hot N Cold – Katy Perry

Text overlay on video and your caption: Your favorite firefighter team

Suggested Hashtags to include: #hotncold #tiktokchallenge 

Instagram Reels Trends


Audio: Tay Money•The Assignment


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A post shared by Elise (@ponies_plus_pups)

Video: The point of this trend is to share a “win” for your team. The audio is saying “I understood the assignment. So for example the “assignment” could be something like Saving a person’s life or being the best fire station in your county and then you show off members of your team doing a congratulatory dance or waving to the camera. 

Time duration: About 20 seconds or less

Caption: Someone had to be the best fire station (or squad, engine, etc) in [XXXX] county (or in general … and you understood the assignment)


Audio: Zayde Wølf•Take a Look at This


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A post shared by WINNI (@winni.designs)

Video: Tutorial or how to: Show your audience how to check their smoke detectors. This is educational and entertaining. Record short 10 secs videos walking the view through the tutorial. 

Caption: How to check your smoke detector, How to install a smoke detector, How to test your smoke detector, etc. (or something similar fire prevention/safety)


Audio: Instagram.com/reel/CUa9iRyFppv/
Video: Answer a frequently asked question you get from the community. Text overlay and caption will be the question. Use the video to answer the question. Record up to 60 seconds of you answering the question. 


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A post shared by Sylvalyn Hammond, DVM (@thehonestvet)

Caption: [Write out the question]

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