Zoom Integration

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First Arriving’s Integration With Zoom Allows Our Dashboard Customers To Organize A Department-Wide Or Station-Specific Zoom Conference Call. This Allows Customers To Create The Zoom Meeting From Their Own Computer And Can Log In To The Meeting Directly On Their First Arriving Dashboard(s)!

Integration Allows:

  • Organize Meeting On Your Computer
  • Each Dashboard Can Log In To The Meeting With Meeting Details Provided By the Organizer.
  • When Joining A Meeting, The Name Is Required (Such As Station 81) So That The Organizer Knows What Stations Are Joining
  • You Can Have Your Meeting Password Protected
  • You Can Have Your Camera On So Viewers Can See The Organizer
  • Organizer Can Share Computer Screen
  • One-Way Audio And Video To Prevent Audio And Visual Noise

What We Need:

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