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YCMTSU New Jersey

Posted on Fire Law Blog   3 hours ago

A New Jersey fire company is in the hot seat after a "Show us your t__ts" sign was displayed below company's banner last the weekend at the state Firemen's Convention. Fire Chief Michael Jacobi and President Joe Kurz of the Williamstown Fire Company are investigating how a bright yellow banner with black letters stating...

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Anderson City FD Engine 3 Responding

Posted on   4 hours ago

SConFire was visiting Anderson City Fire Department Station 3 today when they got toned out for a possible structure fire. Luckily the call turned out to be unfounded as a trash fire behind a residence but SConFire was able to ...

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Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014: Extreme Measures, Baby!

Shine the Moocher
Posted on Ambulance Driver Files   12 hours ago

Latest standings for the Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 Fundraising Challenge, as of 1150 CST, Tuesday, September 16 are: Team Borepatch:                       $1,230 Team USA Karate:                     $735 Team HBC Concealment:        $638 Team Old NFO:                           $570 Team JayG:                                 $510 Team McThag:                            $415 ...

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Prepping for Change in 2015 and Beyond: Teaching Old Dogs New CPR

Charge for Change
Posted on Rescue Digest   1 day ago

Having had the opportunity to attend the last AHA Guidelines roll-out in Chicago in October of 2010 I wound up reading everything I could on the guidelines in the research behind them so that when I showed up to represent my state I didn’t look like some kind of dope. It was an easy digging through all those papers, but when I was finished I noticed something profound in both the recommendations and the research (though not the ACLS algorithms or courses, but that is another topic). I saw how and why we were going to have to make a CHANGE.

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