Keep your station and agency personnel informed like never before with real-time incident alerts, easy-to-update key information and tons of third party integrations for fire, EMS, rescue squads and safety organizations.

  • Too many platforms to check or missed emails?
  • Get consolidated critical details where and when it’s needed most.
  • Reach on duty personnel instantly with mission-critical information
  • See key data from all your technology & data platforms in ONE place



  • Real-time incident notifications with directional maps, GIS markers
  • 100+ features & third-party integrations
  • Zoom video conferences
  • Display fleet, equipment & hydrant status
  • Pass along information, department news
  • Social media channels
  • Event calendars & reminders
  • Custom video channels & scheduled videos
  • Instant & scheduled messages
  • Traffic maps & alerts
  • Photo gallery & video features
  • Segment content by station, division & more
  • Public-facing display options for public spaces
  • Customized color scheme
  • Access content quick with optional menus


  • Distribute information agency wide quickly
  • Easy to update key content from anywhere
  • Cross-agency sharing of information
  • Share policy updates & situational awareness
  • Prominently showcase new personnel, promotions, anniversaries, birthdays
  • Highlight special recognition, awards
  • Information between shifts and divisions


  • Large Screen 43-70″ TV/Displays
  • Windows & Mac Desktops
  • iPads / Tablets



Fully customized to meet your agency’s unique needs — hundreds of layout, data display & color scheme combinations

Full integration with many records and learning management solutions or update easy via forms, sheets & more

Real-time incident alerts with dynamic mapping options, including ESRI and Mapbox integration, time & distance, countdown

Quickly access content within your dashboard with mouse or touch screen, plus scheduled rotation

View unit and equipment status, directly managed or pulled from your existing technology platforms, view recent alarms, ticker notifications

Give your responders a boost by showcasing progression, anniversaries, introduce new personnel, new equipment overviews and more

Post road closures, hydrants OOS, dynamically pull in local traffic data

From FirstWatch to Emergency Reporting, Firehouse Software to Aladtec, plus webpage and HTML options — let your responders view mission-critical data in an easy-to-digest format

View on duty personnel, who’s scheduled, upcoming shift slots that need filling, list leave and OT notices, plus today’s and upcoming events with details

Start page options to give a quick glance at the most important information, plus video scheduled and rotating video options

Showcase pre-plan changes, key response area updates and other visual content

Traffic cams, ESRI and other map layer options

Zone your content to include department wide information, battalion/division-level and station-level — all managed easily, plus RSS and XML news feeds from just about anywhere including top Fire/EMS sources


“The fusion of First Arriving Dashboard technology with our internal leadership has created a means of delivering daily mission-critical information department wide. This has enhanced our situational awareness and strengthened our overall delivery of emergency and non-emergency services to the Colerain community.”

» Frank Cook MPA, CFO, EFO, Fire Chief, Colerain Township (OH) Department of Fire and EMS

“First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards give our department the ability to take critical data and push that information out to those that need it most. Taking data and making it actionable improves system performance and unit utilization, thus allowing our department to better meet our community’s needs.”

» Brian Frankel, Deputy Fire Chief, Prince George’s County (MD) Fire/EMS Department

“We are excited to be in the forefront of streamlining our internal communications in a more efficient manner … all on duty personnel have the information needed for daily operations.”

» Douglas S. Campbell Fire Chief – Delhi Township (OH) Fire Department

“[First Arriving] fills our gap in communication between the firehouses across the city. Company officers and members in each station are able to instantly see everything from the daily shift roster to equipment out of service to what training is scheduled. It saves a lot of time.”

» Ryan Beck, Asst. Fire Chief/EMS Coordinator – East Peoria (IL) Fire Department.

Learn more how First Arriving Dashboards can help your agency get beyond the noise of multiple technologies, ignored emails and clipboards — give your on-duty personnel the key information they need fast to do their job effectively and safely.