Emergency Reporting integrations connect first responders with relevant and cutting edge software to improve efficiency, response time, operations, asset management and more. Emergency Reporting integrations are a great addition to your First Arriving Dashboard, and provide multiple solutions to meet your station’s needs.

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First Arriving’s Integration with Emergency Reporting Includes:


  • Full Name
  • Time Scheduled
  • Unit assigned
  • Sort by station or unit

Upcoming Inspections

  • Inspection Name
  • Inspector Name
  • Date

Call Total Chart

  • Shows number of calls per call type
  • Pie Chart Included

Hydrants Out of Service

  • Hydrant Name / ID
  • Location
  • Notes

Equipment Maintenance

  • Equipment Name / ID
  • Location
  • Notes
  • Date and Time Reported

Apparatus Maintenance

  • Unit Name / ID
  • Maintenance
  • Vendor
  • Date and Time Reported

Daily Log

  • Entry Details
  • Date

Incomplete Reports

  • Incident Number
  • Person Responsible
  • Date of Incident

Certifications Expiring

  • Name
  • Expiration Date
  • Group the entries by Certificate Name

Turnout Time Dial

  • Displays number of runs represented
  • Percentage of acceptable turn out time against a benchmark you provide

What We Need:

  • Username and Password to access the API
  • Name and Email address of someone associated with your account with Emergency Reporting
  • The items you wish to display from Emergency Reporting


Additional Examples:

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