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Top Gun Recruitment & Retention Tips for the Volunteer Fire/EMS Service

You can’t put a dollar amount on volunteer engagement in the fire and EMS service. Feeling relevant, needed, and understanding that the time given has meaning is the jet fuel of a volunteer’s service. Thanking your members for a job well-done too often gets placed on the back burner.

Four Essential PARTS to Recruiting a Farm-Team for Your Volunteer Fire/EMS Agency

Spring is in the air and so is the opportunity to get out of our COVID-confined cocoons and go recruiting. A recent email to my volunteer fire department’s recruitment team “accidentally” caused me to write this piece about recruiting in a high school career/college fair environment, an opportunity we welcomed with open arms.

Looking for Volunteer Fire & EMS Recruitment Influencers?

Throughout the pandemic, volunteer fire and EMS recruiters across the nation had to get creative and develop recruitment messages through new means of communication To help overcome those obstacles, some organizations hired social media influencers to help attract and recruit people to their brand. Although TikTok is new, using influencers is nothing new in the recruiting world.