Morningside Volunteer Fire Department Installs Dashboards to Run As a More Efficient Department

Morningside Volunteer Fire Department in PG County, Maryland shares their experience with First Arriving Dashboards.

“One of great things about the dashboard is when you come into the firehouse in the morning, you’re able to look up on the boards and in a matter of a few minutes you’re able to see everything that’s planned for the day,” Squad Sergeant, Craig Olander said.

The digital dashboards are posted clearly out in the open for the members of the department to stop by and get up-to-date information.

“Being able to put up messages on the dashboard helps us get the message across our membership,” Danny Rae, Engine Sergeant, said

These digital dashboards will help the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department run efficiently keeping everyone informed about what’s going on at the department.

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