Dashboards & Digital Signage


Accelerate Your Internal Communication

Keep your teams, personnel and visitors up to date with real-time alerts, news, messaging, easy-to-update and automated mission-critical information, 130+ integrations and features, consolidated data visualization and more on a large screen, dedicated platform for fire departments, EMS, police, government. industrial, safety & hospitals.

Customized to Meet Your Information & Situational Awareness Needs

Maximum Display Options

Your dashboards are always on, ensuring your team and visitors see all of the information pushed to your large display screens

130+ Integrations & Features

Pull in all of your SaaS technology platforms' key metrics, data and details into one place -- no more missed emails, ignored messages and information overload.

Easy to Update from Anywhere

Go beyond your dynamic automated information with easy management tools for scheduled and on-demand messages and videos, visuals and more. Plus, zone your content globally, by location, office, station, facility -- and even share data with other agencies and partners.

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