Keep your station and agency personnel informed like never before with real-time incident alerts, easy-to-update key information and tons of third party integrations for fire, law enforcement, EMS, local government, industrial and safety.

Our innovative, industry-leading digital dashboard signage for your station, agency or facility is feature packed with dozens of services & integrations, hundreds of display options plus easy to update self-managed content.

Deployment Options

  • Large Screen 43-70″ TV/Displays
  • Windows & Mac Desktops/Tablets
  • iPads


  • Real Time Incident Notifications with Directional Maps & Google Street View
  • News & Announcements
  • Events, Drills & Standbys
  • Display Content Agency Wide, by Group, Division, Battalion, Station or Precinct
  • Scheduling Integration with Many Top Platforms
  • Real-Time Weather, Radar & Severe Weather Alerts
  • Fleet, Apparatus & Equipment Status
  • Turnout Times, Key Agency Metrics
  • 50+ Mission-Critical Integrations
  • Featured & New Personnel
  • Training Updates
  • Custom Video Channels & Scheduled Videos
  • Social Media
  • Birthdays, Work Anniversaries & Promotions
  • Photo Wall
  • & Much More!


Tailored to your needs

First Arriving Dashboard screens display information ranging from apparatus maintenance schedules and shift vacancies to weather radar, department notes, social media feeds and daily activities.

Real-time dispatch info

First Arriving Dashboards can be connected with a variety of CAD and alert systems to display dispatch information in real time, including incident location maps, StreetView for enhanced situational awareness, nearby hydrants, and the fastest route.


Our Clients & What They Are Saying

Kentland (MD) Volunteer Fire Dept
King George County (VA) Fire Department
Morningside (MD) Volunteer Fire Department

“First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards have improved our department’s internal communications and allow us to dedicate the critical resources necessary to best serve our community. The displays equip our officers with the information they need when they need it.”

– Captain Mike Johnson
City of Fishers, Ind. Police, Support Division

“PSIN’s application fills our gap in communication between the firehouses across the city. Company officers and members in each station are able to instantly see everything from the daily shift roster to equipment out of service to what training is scheduled. It saves a lot of time.”
– Ryan Beck
Asst. Fire Chief/EMS Coordinator – East Peoria (IL) Fire Department

“First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards give our department the ability to take critical data and push that information out to those that need it most. Taking data and making it actionable improves system performance and unit utilization, thus allowing our department to better meet our community’s needs.”

– Brian Frankel
Deputy Fire Chief, Prince George’s County (MD) Fire/EMS Department

“The fusion of First Arriving Dashboard technology with our internal leadership has created a means of delivering daily mission-critical information department wide. This has enhanced our situational awareness and strengthened our overall delivery of emergency and non-emergency services to the Colerain community.”

– Frank Cook MPA, CFO, EFO
Fire Chief, Colerain Township (OH) Department of Fire and EMS


Here's just a sampling of the hundreds of departments & agencies nationwide using First Arriving Dashboards
  • Prince George’s County (MD) Fire/EMS
  • Palm Beach County (FL) Fire
  • San Bernardino County (CA) Fire
  • Gulfport Fire Department (MS) Courts & Fire
  • Fishers (IN) Police & Fire
  • Glacier Park (MT) Int’l Airport Fire
  • Mansfield (TX) Police
  • Boca Raton (FL) Police & Fire
  • Morningside (MD) Volunteer Fire
  • Bower Hill (PA) VFD
  • Mobile (AL) Fire
  • Hanover County (VA)
  • Spokane County (WA) Fire District 10
  • Harrisburg (PA) Fire
  • Elderville Lakeport (TX) VFD
  • Carmel (IN) Fire
  • Wilson County (TX) District 1 Fire
  • Wentzville (MO) Fire
  • Kentland (MD) Vol. Fire
  • King George (VA) Fire
  • Raytown (MO) Fire
  • University of Alaska – Fairbanks Fire
  • Suffern (NY) Fire
  • Delhi Township (OH) Fire
  • Valley View (OH) Fire
  • Carlsbad (CA) Fire
  • Caroline County (VA) Fire, Public Works & Parks
  • Mansfield (TX) Fire & Police